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Client Care

97% of DG&A Clients Surveyed Rated Us as Meeting or Exceeding Expectations

As one of our core values states, “Clients are the central focus for everyone in our company, and we excel at adding value to their businesses.” In being a truly client-centered organization, our focus is not only to provide the best service possible, but also to help our clients achieve success. To do this, we are committed to open communication, active listening, and formal client feedback through our Client Care Program. The program offers three methods through which clients can provide feedback:

Personal interviews, conducted yearly with representative groups of clients ranging in size and covering all business lines and geographic regions. The interviews are conducted in person by senior managers who, to ensure objectivity, are not directly associated with the clients they interview.

Project follow-up letters, sent at random to clients after projects are finished. The one-page surveys are completed by clients and returned to us.

Quality Assurance

Quality is the hallmark of DG&A, and it permeates everything we do. Our fully documented and implemented Quality Assurance Program, endorsed at all levels of operation, describes our organizational structure, levels of authority, functional responsibilities, and lines of communication for activities affecting quality. The program provides for the management, control and verification of quality so that services and products meet established requirements, are performed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, in an ethical and professional manner, and meet or exceed clients’ expectations. The program may be supplemented or modified as required to meet specific requirements of clients, projects or programs.

The foundation of the program is the use of fully trained and certified personnel, accurately calibrated and maintained equipment, and secondary review of all proposals, reports and test data. Measuring and test equipment is calibrated and maintained at predetermined intervals with measurement standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

The general format of DG&A’s Quality Assurance Manual follows the criteria for quality assurance outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations. Pertinent elements of other quality assurance program guidance documents are procured for compliance with all Client/Contractor/Subcontractor requirements per our Contract Compliance Statement.

Environment, Safety and Health

DG&A is committed to the elimination of occupational injuries and illnesses and damage to equipment and property throughout its operations; to the protection of the general public whenever it comes into contact with DG&A’s operations; to the prevention of pollution and environmental degradation; and to continuous improvement of its Environment, Safety and Health Management System. This commitment is reflected in our ES&H Management System, which comprises a comprehensive collection of policies, programs, and procedures that provide our organization with methods and processes to ensure the safe and healthful conduct of work and to meet both regulatory and industry standards, implementing best practices where applicable.

Strategic Alliance Program