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Precise Optical Tooling & Laser Alignment Services

The proper application of Optical Tooling techniques and equipment is vital in the erection of industrial equipment and the alignment of precision systems. Optical tooling is considered the most accurate method of making measurements on objects too large to be ascertained by mechanical instruments such as comparators. Optics provide a line of sight that is absolutely straight, has no weight, and serves as a perfect base from which to make accurate measurements. Factory trained technicians ensure optimum results.

For the manufacturer, each hour of "down" time of industrial equipment can mean thousands of dollars lost. An immediate DG&A response to your inquiry can minimize the impact of costly equipment failure.

DG&A provides preventive maintenance and corrective measures to ensure the most economical and expedient solutions to your particular problem. We can also provide descriptive drawings showing "before and after" dimensions, and other important information.