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Donaldson Garrett & Associates, Inc.

DG&A Land Surveying and Consulting Georgia, North Carolina, Florida

Headquartered in Macon GA, Donaldson, Garrett & Associates is a leading consulting firm providing land surveying and site design services to public and private clients across a broad range of industries. Operating with 62 employees throughout the Southeast, as well as in Central America and Europe.

From concept to construction, compliance to cost management, DG&A's Professional Land Surveying and science experts help our clients achieve success through uncompromising quality and cost-effective, results-driven strategies. With nearly four decades of experience providing technical excellence with local, personal service.

With world-class expertise in a full range of Land Surveying disciplines including: Commercial Land Surveying, Traditional Boundary & Topographic Surveys, Construction Stakeout, Utility Easement, Hazardous Waste Site Surveys, and Precise Optical Tooling Alignment Services, DG&A Land Surveying & Consulting provides innovative, efficient solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Donaldson, Garrett & Associates, Inc. was formed by Tommie Donaldson and Jim Garrett in 1991. Uniting the strengths of their experience with former "Top 500" ENR Engineering, Surveying and Consulting (E&C) Firms provides a wide variety of services including site development, planning and design, construction phase services, environmental services and facilities operations and maintenance services. All of the latest land surveying technological knowledge and professional experience acquired during that time is now encompassed within the new firm.

DG&A's specialized programs provide these same services, as well as outsourcing contracts, tailored to meet the unique needs of U.S. government agencies, including DoD, EPA, NASA, Department of Energy, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and others. With world-class expertise in a full range of Land Surveying disciplines.

Our services include Topographic/Utility Surveys, Construction Stakeout, Traditional Land Surveys, Control Surveys using our Global Positioning System (GPS), Optical Tooling, Hazardous Waste Site Surveying and Sampling, and Forensic Litigation Support Services. DG&A surveyors have extensive experience in the type surveys required by consulting and environmental engineering firms, architects, institutions, federal and state agencies, utility companies and private industry. DG&A holds a current Certificate of Qualification as a Professional Consultant with Georgia DOT and has worked with DOT in several counties.

Along with traditional land surveying crews, DG&A has certified OSHA trained Hazardous Waste Site Survey Crews that are available for environmental remediation projects. DG&A qualifies as a Small Business and joint ventures with several aerial mappers to service our clients.

Each of our crews is equipped with the latest equipment including digital electronic total stations, hand held computers and electronic data collectors. An Equipment List is included which details our 4-WD and amphibious vehicles, computers and other surveying equipment. Our CADD systems include in-house capability to provide survey data in AutoCAD Land Desktop Development 2006 and MicroStation Version 8.

Our surveyors hold multiple professional registrations in twelve states, and have worked throughout the southeast as well as in Central America. Our commitment to each and every client is to provide superb quality professional land surveying services in a timely, accurate manner. Through our Forensic Litigation Support Services, DG&A is capable of surveying and mapping accident sites for the enhancement of legal proceedings. Plats, drawings (2D and 3D), and digital photography can be provided in whatever format required for courtroom presentation.

Mission Statement

DG&A helps clients manage risk, reduce design and construction costs, lower the cost of facilities/infrastructure ownership, and protect the environment by delivering value-driven Land Surveying and Site Design services that impact the world in which we live.

Company Values

DG&A’s operations are supported by the following core values:

Why Choose DGA?

Client-Centered Focus
We are committed to helping our clients achieve not only success, but also peace of mind. We regularly conduct training sessions throughout our offices to personally educate our employees about our client-centered philosophy, and we continually promote this approach throughout our organization. Our client-centered programs include a Client Care Program and a National Client Program.

Talented People
Our staff includes dedicated field and administrative personnel, extraordinary leaders, and land surveyors with expertise in over 50 disciplines. Their combined experience offers our clients a level of expertise matched by few other firms. By providing a challenging, rewarding environment for our employees, including an exceptional training and development program and a generous recognition program, we are able to offer our clients some of the best talent in the industry.

Integrated Services
While we are best known for our Land Surveying and Site Design expertise, DG&A offers exceptional services across the board, including niche services such as, Topographic/Utility Surveys, Construction Stakeout, Traditional Land Surveys, Control Surveys using our Global Positioning System (GPS)Services, Optical Tooling, Hazardous Waste Site Surveying and Sampling, and Forensic Litigation Support Services. In many cases, we can manage a project from start to finish, either providing all services in-house or managing the outsourcing of some services. These integrated services help our clients save time and money and maintain better control of their projects.

Commitment to Quality and Excellence
Because our work directly affects people and the environment every day, there is a tremendous responsibility associated with what we do. With a full understanding of this responsibility, our level of commitment to quality and operational excellence is unwavering. Our fully documented and implemented Quality Assurance Program, endorsed at all levels of operation, is based on the use of fully trained and certified personnel, accurately calibrated and maintained equipment, and secondary review of all proposals, reports and test data by our professionals. Through our Principal Professional Program, each project is assigned, along with a Project Manager, a Principal who has met stringent educational, experiential, and ethical requirements.

Commitment to Environment, Safety, and Health (ES&H)
The foundation of DG&A's Environment, Safety and Health management system is our commitment to ES&H excellence at all levels of operation. This commitment is reflected in our daily work activities, which incorporate regulatory requirements as well as industry-wide best practices. We also encourage our employees to protect the environment by minimizing waste, reusing and recycling materials, and responsibly managing energy use. Our comprehensive manual of Environment, Safety and Health programs, policies, and procedures is evaluated annually to ensure it continually supports our efforts to become a world-class organization.