Construction Stakeout

DG&A has been pleased to offer construction stakeout services to federal, engineering, utility, pipeline, school district, manufacturing plant, landfill and commercial retail clients throughout the southeastern United States.  These services have been performed under strict prequalification  and confidentiality requirements, with high definition and precision at power plants, along pipelines, at ash landfills, airports, military sites, solar farm installations, shopping centers and large manufacturing plant construction sites.

Several of these large construction sites have required dedicated staff on a sustained fast track basis.  DG&A staff complied with strict safety guidelines and policies of each client as a subcontractor to the largest engineering firms in the nation.

DG&A Project Managers  frequently coordinate with underground utility experts, aerial photographers and geotechnical firms during pre-construction.   Topographic, boundary, as-built, easement and right of way, hazardous waste site, Drone/LIDAR services have also been offered to these same clients over our twenty-five year history.